Saturday, May 31, 2008

ഞാനും ചേരുന്നു.. Joining ..

Recently I came to know that the web site has copied many posts from my fellow bloggers and simply pasted in their Malaylam section with out permission and then replied them rudely, impolite by e- mails when they contacted them to ask about this same matter. After that, whoever complained was banned from accessing the site.

I now express my strong objections to for their content thefts, though none of my posts have been copied.
The bloggers had posted their stolen contents with screen shots and many others had shown
their strong objections against the copyright violation.

Anyway I understand that has now closed their Malayalam section and they have said sorry to a blogger too. also here.

But what i understand is , they have not yet publicly apologised or so.

Anyway I also feel we bloggers definitely have to speak loudly against these kind of copyright violations through our blogs - our strong media - which can defenitely be helpful for the legal actions or atleast to expose it in public - and also if need, we should take the legal actions if it continues like this, as this is not the first time for us, bloggers facing this kind of situation.

Following are some links.

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link -8 - Header forging.

link -9 - what all we can do?

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This is not a complete list. only just put some which I did see now.

Once again,
the list does not complete with this.

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